My Coffee Table

This is my coffee table.

Steel Wheel Coffee Table

It was my first independent woodworking project and the process of building it was the spark that led to this business. I display it proudly in my home and every time that I sit back and put my feet up on it, it reminds me of why I do what I do.

This little coffee table taught me how rewarding it is to work with my hands and produce beautiful, useful objects. The intellectual challenges of designing and building furniture surprised me and continue to keep me up at night.

The beauty I see in this table is more about the roots that I established than the actual aesthetic qualities of the piece. Mixing steel and wood to create an industrial style with unexpectedly fancy joinery? Yep, still do that. Stripping down reclaimed materials—in this case: an industrial steel pulley, a salvaged pine construction beam, and scrap sapele—to give them a fresh, new life? Check. Collaborating with others to elevate a design and learn as much as I can? Indeed.

The fact that I see every fault and realize how differently I would approach it now is equal parts humbling and gratifying. From technical details—that tearout at the miter joint makes me cringe every time I see it—to design choices—those crappy adjustable feet?—I know I can do better, but I also know that I have so much more to learn. We always do.


Building this table was a lot of fun. Here are some sparsely captioned photos that show off that process. Interested in more in-process shots? Instagram is the place to find them.